Content Discovery. Adaptive Learning. Longitudinal Assessment

Personalized. Automated. Affordable.

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Deliver a uniquely relevant experience to each user.
Personalize discovery of your content. Automatically generate learning activities from that content.

What kind of learning activities?

Anything from short quizzes to full courses. Created automatically, at the click of a button and in seconds. Easy to use and implement. And will save you money.

Powerful Personalization


The content your users want finds them.

The SelfStudy Software as a Service (SaaS) platform gives you the ability to offer your users the personalization they experience in their social media. It aggregates your content in all formats (print, video, podcasts, etc.) and presents the most relevant pieces for each user in their own personalized feed, based on their preferences, and individual and community interactions. Built with a mobile-first design, equally accessible on mobile, tablet, and laptop.

SelfStudy’s AI Delivers Engagement

Engage your users with personalized selections that keep them coming back for more. Quickly and easily create new learning activities to offer more high value services.


Engage Your Users

Capture their attention with personalized delivery of content and services relevant to their interests.


Mine Evergreen Content

Move your users through your portfolio, offering the content they want, when they want it. Automatically create new, relevant products from your existing content in minutes.


Generate New Revenue

Easily and economically add learning activities, courses, continuing education, study tools and badging and certification programs to your product range.

The SelfStudy platform was designed specifically for professional societies, associations, online educators, publishers, and training organizations.

“SelfStudy can be used to curate and deliver any content, in any format – text, audio or video – on any device. But what I think is most impressive is the learning optimization technology. No other cloud platform can do what SelfStudy offers, or provides all of the back-end data and management tools so crucial to professional societies and their publishers.”

—  Thomas A. Cooper, Executive Director
International Anesthesia Research Society

“SelfStudy360 has transformed the preparation for our nurses’ certification process, increasing their success rate while reducing the amount of time spent to achieve it. We have been able to increase our professionals’ quality of life and at the same time our confidence in their preparation.”

— Karen Plaus PhD, CRNA, FAAN CAE, Chief Executive Officer
National Board Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA)


SelfStudy’s AI Does the Work for You

Similar to GPS navigation systems, SelfStudy continually assesses each user’s unique interests and knowledge to take them on a personalized journey through your content portfolio, and deliver the research and educational content they need to help guarantee ongoing professional excellence. Their personalized feed dynamically adjusts based on each interaction, delivering the right content at the right time.


Personalize Delivery

Engage users with personalized selections from your portfolio

Include resources in all media

No tagging required

Personalize Learning

Offer personalized paths to proficiency

Validate learning on every interaction with continuous assessment

Assess learners’ progress and engagement

Auto-Generate Content

Auto-generate questions and courses from existing content

Deploy new learning activities in minutes

Automate credit tracking and reporting

Assess materials’ effectiveness

Control Your IP

Cloud-based white label solution carries your brand

Update and publish with the click of a button

Maintain complete control of your content and data

Both content and user data resides in your data accounts, available to you 24/7

Compatible with Your Current Systems

Fully integrates with your existing LMS/CMS

Compatible with SCORM/xAPI/LTI

Secure and private